This Week at Rotary February 25, 2020
Presiding Officer: Sharon Wherry
Secretary: Randy Hawthorne
Sgt. At Arms: Maury Halstead
Cashiers: Anna Hernoud, Christie Weston, & Lisa Froehlich
Meeting Host: Todd Crawford
Greeters: Josh Overocker, Jim Bennett
Speaker Host: Allen Beermann
Speaker: Scott Moore
Union Pacific, Scott Moore, the Senior V.P. of Corporate Relations and Chief Administrative Officer will speak on "Building America for more than 150 Years" through Union Pacific. Scott will also share inside information about the Bush Presidential Funeral Train.
Welcome Newest Rotarian Lizzie Mattox
Last week, Brad Bryan introduced our newest member Lizzie Mattox. Lizzie Mattox is Executive Director at City Impact. Raised in Lincoln, Lizzie attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, International Studies, and History. She began at City Impact in 2011, leading the Youth Philanthropy Team and worked up to Youth Leadership Director, then Program Director, and finally Executive Director in 2017. In 2013, she became a Gallup Strengths Coach. A natural learner, Lizzie’s passion for strengths-based leadership development and experience with team building have proven to be great professional assets. Lizzie embodies grit and radical candor, working hard to create an environment of tenacity and trust for her team. Lizzie and her husband, Neal, live in central Lincoln near City Impact.
Thank you, Brad, for sponsoring Lizzie to Rotary. Welcome to Rotary, Lizzie!

Lizzie Mattox with President Mailani Veney and her sponsor Brad Bryan

Scott Williamson is Paul Harris Fellow +1
On February 18, 2020, TRF Chair Scott Larson recognized Scott Williamson as a Paul Harris Fellow +1. Scott is the Director of Donor Engagement at CenterPointe. He has been a Rotarian for 16 years. Scott's total TRF contribution is $2,000. Congratulations, Scott and thank you for your generosity. 
Allen Beermann's Retirement Party of the Century
Former Nebraska Secretary of State Allen Beermann recently retired as Executive Director of the Nebraska Press Association. Allen is inviting fellow Rotarians to his retirement party, the party of the century, on March 26, 4:00 - 7:00 PM, with a special program from 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM, at Kuck Motorsports Museum, 2251 Humphrey Ave. Allen has generously paid for Rotarians tickets but you must secure an invite which will serve as your ticket to the event. Get your invite from Rod Bates or from Allen. 
With President Mailani's approval, this event is an official engagement committee activity. The President issued a memo that each Rotarian who attends will get two attendance credits. Any questions, contact Rod Bates.
Lunch at the Governor's Mansion
Rotary Club #14 Special Event!
Our club has a unique opportunity this spring for a luncheon and tour at the Governor’s Residence!  Mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 29.  Tickets are $20.  Join President Mailani Veney, Secretary Randy Hawthorne, Former Secretary of State Allen Beermann and others for this very special event!  Spots are limited; sign up now to purchase your ticket here
Interact Charter Docs Signing
On February 18, 2020, our club signed the Charter certification documents for the Interact Club of Lincoln Southeast at the media center of Lincoln Southeast High School. DG Mick McKinley, President Mailani Veney. Interact Chair Bill Michener signed the documentsl. Bill Michener and Randy Hawthorne are our Interact Advisors at this new Interact Club. Congratulations to the new Interact Club of Lincoln Southeast!
L to R (seated): President Mailani Veney, DG Mick McKinley, (standing) PP Dan Wherry, PDG Sharon Wherry, Admin Yolanda Hoffman, Interact Chair Bill Michener
Last Week at Rotary
Last week at Rotary, President Mailani Veney presided the meeting. Randy Hawthorne conducted club business. Maury Halstead was Sgt. at Arms. Madison Husman was our speaker. She gave a speech about her experience as RYE in Brazil. Brad Bryan introduced new member Lizzie Mattox. Scott Williamson was recognized by TRF Chair Scott Larson as Paul Harris Fellow +1. Steve Glenn challenged his fellow Rotarians to think big and dare to dream on big projects that will have lasting impact to our community and the world. Announcements were made over large club conference report by President elect Eric as well as club nominations by Jim Griesen. Cashiers and check-in were Lisa Froehlich, Christie Weston  & Anna Hernoud. Lisa Lee and Mike Delbert were greeters. To sign up as Cashier, click/tap here. To serve as Greeter, click/tap here.
The Rotary Foundation, Doing Good in the World
UPDATE: ONLY $1,800 LEFT FOR MATCHING FUNDS. Generous Klaus Hartmann is matching your donation dollar for dollar up to $200 to the RI Foundation. So if you donate $50, it becomes $100, $100 becomes $200, and $200 becomes $500! Read TRF Chair Scott Larson's message, click here.

Thank you to those who have already made their donation this Rotary year. You have until June 30, 2020, to donate for this Rotary year. To donate now, click here. Our goal is 100% participation and any amount will make a difference.
Austin, Bev
Bartle, Barbara Maline
Bates, Rodney L.
Becker, Jill
Beermann, Allen J.
Berg, Lowell S.
Birch, Pat
Bretz, Randall
Buckley, Mary
Cline, Geoff
Cook-Benjamin, Lorie
Cotton, Gina
Critchfield, Frosty
DeFord, Larry L.
Deibert, Mike
Dobesh, Ryan
Drumheller, Eric J.
Fabry, Sandra
Foor, Ryan
Free, Russell K
Gessert, John C.
Halstead, Maury N.
Hawthorne, Randal
Henkelmann, Priscilla
Hersch, Alan
Hill, Kiersten
Hood, Jane
Hove, Peter Christian
Hulme, Doyle L
Jansen, Merle E.
Karmazin, Darold
Kenny, Timothy R.
Klockenga, Michael E.
Knox, Arthur Lloyd
Koop, Liz S.
Kucera, Donald D.
Lane Gewecke, Mari
Larsen, Keith N.
Larson, Scott A.
Lee, Lisa
Lempke, Roger P
Levy, Leslie
Lindberg, Michael
Livingston, David C.
Massengale, Martin A.
Mastera, James A.
Michener, William
Mueller, William J
Newport, Gregory D.
Nitz, Randy
Odom, Sheila
Ogden, Charles
Pauley, David C.
Peetz, Sarah G
Pemberton, Erin C. Duggan
Richardson, Scott G.
Scheef, Matthew P.
Seck, Bryan
Settle, Dean B.
Sneve, Shirley K.
Sommerich, Christopher D.
Spinar, Donald E.
Stephens, Mark 
Sturgeon, Joel
Sughroue, Suzanne
Usher, Christina
Veney, Mailani
Venter, Michelle
Wailes, Kevin G
Weston, Christie
Wherry, Daniel E.
Wherry, Sharon B.
Whittamore-Mantzios, Melanie
Willard, Linda
Williamson, Scott J.
Wittler, Terry R
+Wolter, John E.
Wortman, Michael J.
Wyatt, Donna
Zimmer, John 
Zygielbaum, Christine
You can also bring a check made out to The Rotary Foundation to our weekly meeting and Yolanda will send it with the contribution form to TRF. Any questions, please contact TRF Chair Scott Larson at 402.499.4444.
Happy Birthday Rotarians
February 2020
Robert Mastera 02   Nancy Finken 05
Liz Koop 05   Mike Renken 05
Bill Avery 07   Jeff Dostal 07
Don Kucera 09   Steve Letts   10
Gail McNair 11   Bob Everitt 17
Gina Cotton 18   Art Zygielbaum 18
MK Bansal 19   Mike Wortman 20
Erin Pemberton 21   Brooke Goedert 23
Larry DeFord 24
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