This Week at Rotary January 7, 2020
Presiding Officer: Mailani Veney
Secretary: Randy Hawthorne
Sgt. At Arms: Maury Halstead
Cashiers: Kate Holman & Don Kucera
Greeters: Todd Crawford & Lisa Lee
Speaker: Clint Runge
Presentation: The State of the Youth Culture: Serving with Different Generations

Generations change. Tastes change. Young adults developed their habits, preferences, and opinions in a different world than most of us did. Trying to understand it all can be overwhelming if brands, politicians, and parents place their generational expectations on the one growing up today. In this short presentation, Clint! will outline the value systems, behaviors and driving beliefs that other generations can use to be more relevant whether you are a company trying to market to them or a grandparent figuring out what is going on with their grandchildren.
Speaker: As the Co-Founder of Archrival, Clint! leads the agency with a big-thinking approach to brand problems. While he’s the kind of guy who likes 7-11 Slurpees and magic tricks, his saving grace is that he understands the dynamic of marketing in youth culture. Clint!s passion for creative has been recognized over the past two decades with as many awards as he’s had all-nighters. Most recently, Archrival was a 2016 Ad Age Agency of the Year. He’s a frequent Rock Paper Scissors competitor and welcomes your challenge.
Happy Birthday, Rotarians!
January 2020
Dennis Hoffman 02   Kate Holman 06
Maury Halstead 07   Phil Mullin 07
Angela Boule 09   Doc Chaves  09
Arlen Beam  14   Allen Beermann 14
Craig Strong 15   Frosty Critchfield 22
Tony Messineo 24   Brendan Wamstad-Evans 30
The Rotary Foundation, Doing Good in the World
BREAKING NEWS: Generous Klaus Hartmann is matching your donation dollar for dollar up to $200 to the RI Foundation. So if you donate $50, it becomes $100, $100 becomes $200, and $200 becomes $500! Read TRF Chair Scott Larson's message, click here.

Thank you to those who have already made their donation this Rotary year. You have until June 30, 2020, to donate for this Rotary year. To donate now, click here. Our goal is 100% participation and any amount will make a difference.
Austin, Bev
Bartle, Barbara Maline
Bates, Rodney L.
Becker, Jill
Beermann, Allen J.
Berg, Lowell S.
Birch, Pat
Bretz, Randall
Buckley, Mary
Cline, Geoff
Cook-Benjamin, Lorie
Cotton, Gina
Critchfield, Frosty
DeFord, Larry L.
Dobesh, Ryan
Drumheller, Eric J.
Fabry, Sandra
Foor, Ryan
Free, Russell K
Gessert, John C.
Halstead, Maury N.
Hawthorne, Randal
Henkelmann, Priscilla
Hill, Kiersten
Hulme, Doyle L
Jansen, Merle E.
Karmazin, Darold
Klockenga, Michael E.
Knox, Arthur Lloyd
Koop, Liz S.
Kucera, Donald D.
Lane Gewecke, Mari
Larsen, Keith N.
Larson, Scott A.
Lee, Lisa
Lempke, Roger P
Levy, Leslie
Lindberg, Michael
Livingston, David C.
Mastera, James A.
Michener, William
Mueller, William J
Newport, Gregory D.
Odom, Sheila
Ogden, Charles
Pauley, David C.
Peetz, Sarah G
Richardson, Scott G.
Scheef, Matthew P.
Seck, Bryan
Settle, Dean B.
Sneve, Shirley K.
Spinar, Donald E.
Sturgeon, Joel
Sughroue, Suzanne
Veney, Mailani
Venter, Michelle
Wailes, Kevin G
Weston, Christie
Wherry, Daniel E.
Wherry, Sharon B.
Whittamore-Mantzios, Melanie
Willard, Linda
Wittler, Terry R
+Wolter, John E.
Wortman, Michael J.
Wyatt, Donna
Zygielbaum, Christine
Click here to donate online to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) of Rotary International (RI). Donating to The Rotary Foundation is a great opportunity for Rotarians to give back.  Consider making your annual donation NOW.  Your money comes back to us in three years in the form of Global and District grants to spend on our projects.  Your donation goes around the world to promote peace and conflict prevention & resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education, and literacy, and economic and community development. Every Rotarian Every Year asks that you consider a gift of at least $100 to The Rotary Foundation.

You can also bring a check made out to The Rotary Foundation to our weekly meeting and Yolanda will send it with the contribution form to TRF. Any questions, please contact TRF Chair Scott Larson at 402.499.4444.
RYLA has Openings
HURRY! The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) has a few openings left for Rotarian children and grandchildren. The RYLA camp this year is scheduled for April 17-19, 2020, at Camp Kitaki. The fee is $200 per participant. At RYLA, high School Sophomores and Juniors may discover a world outside the classroom through a three-day intensive leadership experience that builds communication skills, teaches creative problem-solving, and challenges them to change not only themselves but the world. To sign up or for more information, click here. or contact RYLA Chair Lori Benton at 404-694-0846 or email
Perfect Attendance Awards
Recently, Engagement Co-Chair Allen Beermann, recognized highly engaged Rotarians with perfect attendance: Charley Ogden 33 years, Dan Wherry 23 years, Klaus Hartmann 22 years, Priscilla Henkelmann 11 years, Mailani Veney 11 years, Eric Drumheller 8 years, Donna Wyatt 7 years, Molly Burns 5 years, Bev Austin 4 years, Bob Rauner 4 years. Congratulations, Rotarians!
Are you interested in getting into the race for perfect attendance? It's easy and highly doable. TIPS: 1) Attend our weekly meetings, 2) If you miss our weekly meeting, watch our Facebook Live Streaming and get a make up credit, 3) Attend a committee meeting, 4) Attend any of our club activities, 5) Watch out for attendance credits that won't expire from our club big events, such as Nebraskan of the Year, Rise.Shine.Give, and Salute to Business, 6) Attend a nearby Rotary Club and get makeup credit, 7) Meet up with 3 or more Rotarians to talk about anything under the heat of the sun for Rotary, 8) Go online and do online makeup.
RI Standard: Every 30 minutes to 1 hour of Rotary work is equivalent to 1 attendance credit. Questions, please contact Allen Beermann.
Please send Yolanda ( your makeups or attendance credits.
L to R: Bob Rauner, Donna Wyatt, Bev Austin, Eric Drumheller, Molly Burns, Priscilla Henkelmann, Klaus Hartmann, Dan Wherry, Charley Ogden, Allen Beermann, Tim Kenny, & President Mailani Veney (off the frame)
Santa Cause Donations
During the two-week break from Rotary, you can earn attendance credits by donating $25 to Santa Cause. All donations go to the Rotary 14 Foundation. If you wish to earn attendance credits, you may bring your check to our meeting on January 7th or mail it to PO Box 83843, Lincoln NE 68501.
Rotary Membership Application Form
We are on the process of updating information on our club website. If you are sponsoring someone to join Rotary, please send this link:
WFCS Committee Needs Your Help
The World Fellowship & Community Service Committee needs your help. Your input is needed. Do you have a passion for somewhere that you've traveled and seen great need?  Want to have our club help?  The World Fellowship and Community Service Community is looking for new international projects to fund -  from small to large. Feel free to email with suggestions.
Thanks to all who've given to our Foundation so that we could grant funds to improve lives in the Dominican Republic, Kenya and Namibia this past year. Pictured here is our water tanks project in Kenya.
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