This Week at Rotary January 21, 2020
Presiding Officer: Mailani Veney
Secretary: Randy Hawthorne
Sgt. At Arms: Maury Halstead
Cashiers: Lisa Froehlich, Kate Holman & Leslie Huerta
Meeting Host: Bev Austin & Christie Weston
Greeters: Kate Engel & Brooke Goedert
Speaker: Dr. Liz Standish, LPS Associate Superintendent of Business Affairs
Presentation: Informational Presentation about the LPS 2020 Bond Issue - On December 10, the Lincoln Board of Education passed a resolution calling for a special election on February 11, 2020, asking voters to approve a $290 million bond issue to address building needs throughout the school district as identified in the updated LPS 10-year Facility and Infrastructure Plan.
Allen Beermann Recognized by Nebraska Legislature
On January 14th, Allen Beermann celebrated his 80th birthday. On that day, the Nebraska Legislature unanimously honored Allen with Resolution 293 for his half a century of sterling record of public service. Allen holds the record as the longest-serving Secretary of State of Nebraska. Allen served in the Nebraska National Guard for 26 years, retiring with the position of Lieutenant Colonel in the Judge Advocate General Corps. After 25 years, Allen is retiring as Executive Director of the Nebraska Press Association on January 31, 2020, which will cap his lifelong contributions to the State of Nebraska. Congratulations, Allen!
The mile-long Resolution 293 can be found by clicking here.
Lisa Lee is Paul Harris Fellow
Last week, TRF Chair Scott Larson recognized Lisa Lee as the newest Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary 14. Lisa is the Lead Programmer at Lincoln Council for International Visitors. Lisa has been a Rotarian for three years.  Congratulations, Lisa and thank you for your generosity.
Lisa Lee receiving her Paul Harris Fellow certificate and gold pin from TRF Chair Scott Larson
Last Week at Rotary
Last week at Rotary, President Mailani Veney presided the meeting. Randy Hawthorne was Secretary. Maury Halstead was Sgt. at Arms. Mathew Wegener was our speaker. Past President Barb Bartle shared highlights from her presidential year when 9/11 happened. President Mailani recognized two long-time Rotarians who were celebrating their birthdays on January 14th, namely: Arlen Beam and Allen Beermann. Andrew Loudon gave a birthday tribute to Past President Judge Beam who celebrated his 90th birthday while Allen Beermann celebrated his 80th birthday. High School Leadership Awards Chair Patsy Koch Johns recognized our student leader from Lincoln High School,  Kiya Marie Milburn. TRF Chair Scott Larson recognized our newest Paul Harris Fellow, Lisa Lee.
Cashiers and check-in were Don Kucera, Kate Holman, & Lisa Froehlich. Ryan Foor and Anna Hernoud were greeters. To sign up as Cashier, click/tap here. To serve as Greeter, click/tap here.
Matthew Wegener addressing the Rotarians
Kiya Marie Milburn with her family, President Mailani and Patsy Koch Johns
L to R: Greeters were Ryan Foor of the Nebraska Department of Education, Anna Hernoud of Mutual of Omaha Bank, Cashiers: Lisa Froehlich of Grand Manse Events & Lodging, Kate Holman of Mourning Hope, & Don Kucera of Kucera Rentals
Your Passion In Action
Good News! Rotary has the resources to translate your passion into action. The Project & Grant Evaluation Committee chaired by John Gessert is accepting project or grant proposals. You can conveniently jot down your ideas via an online form, click here. A good guide for your project is Rotary's six areas of focus. If you don't have all the information or statistics you need, it's okay to just provide what you have. The implementation time frame of your proposal will be for the next Rotary year, 2020-2021. Please submit your proposal, both for local and international implementation by January 31, 2020. Questions, please contact Chair John Gessert at (402) 323-1528.
Important Request to all Rotarians
Please login to ClubRunner and review your profile, click here. We need your help with updating your year of birth on your ClubRunner Profile. On December 16, we sent out a request for each one to review and update profiles in ClubRunner. Thank you to those who updated their profiles. To date, there are more than 80 members with no record of their year of birth. We are unable to pull an accurate age trend for our club until all of us populate the year of birth field. Rest assured, we take your privacy very seriously and your personal information will never be shared with anyone other than the Rotary International which is the depository of club members' information. If you need help with ClubRunner, call for live help at 1-877-469-2582 option 2, office hours Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern time.
RI and Toastmasters Partnership
RI President Daniel Maloney recently announced the alliance of Rotary International and Toastmasters International. Toastmasters will create a leadership development program for Rotarians and Rotaractors while Rotarians provide an avenue of service for Toastmasters members. Read more here.
The Rotary Foundation, Doing Good in the World
BREAKING NEWS: Generous Klaus Hartmann is matching your donation dollar for dollar up to $200 to the RI Foundation. So if you donate $50, it becomes $100, $100 becomes $200, and $200 becomes $500! Read TRF Chair Scott Larson's message, click here.

Thank you to those who have already made their donation this Rotary year. You have until June 30, 2020, to donate for this Rotary year. To donate now, click here. Our goal is 100% participation and any amount will make a difference.
Austin, Bev
Bartle, Barbara Maline
Bates, Rodney L.
Becker, Jill
Beermann, Allen J.
Berg, Lowell S.
Birch, Pat
Bretz, Randall
Buckley, Mary
Cline, Geoff
Cook-Benjamin, Lorie
Cotton, Gina
Critchfield, Frosty
DeFord, Larry L.
Dobesh, Ryan
Drumheller, Eric J.
Fabry, Sandra
Foor, Ryan
Free, Russell K
Gessert, John C.
Halstead, Maury N.
Hawthorne, Randal
Henkelmann, Priscilla
Hill, Kiersten
Hove, Peter Christian
Hulme, Doyle L
Jansen, Merle E.
Karmazin, Darold
Kenny, Timothy R.
Klockenga, Michael E.
Knox, Arthur Lloyd
Koop, Liz S.
Kucera, Donald D.
Lane Gewecke, Mari
Larsen, Keith N.
Larson, Scott A.
Lee, Lisa
Lempke, Roger P
Levy, Leslie
Lindberg, Michael
Livingston, David C.
Massengale, Martin A.
Mastera, James A.
Michener, William
Mueller, William J
Newport, Gregory D.
Odom, Sheila
Ogden, Charles
Pauley, David C.
Peetz, Sarah G
Richardson, Scott G.
Scheef, Matthew P.
Seck, Bryan
Settle, Dean B.
Sneve, Shirley K.
Spinar, Donald E.
Sturgeon, Joel
Sughroue, Suzanne
Veney, Mailani
Venter, Michelle
Wailes, Kevin G
Weston, Christie
Wherry, Daniel E.
Wherry, Sharon B.
Whittamore-Mantzios, Melanie
Willard, Linda
Wittler, Terry R
+Wolter, John E.
Wortman, Michael J.
Wyatt, Donna
Zimmer, John 
Zygielbaum, Christine
You can also bring a check made out to The Rotary Foundation to our weekly meeting and Yolanda will send it with the contribution form to TRF. Any questions, please contact TRF Chair Scott Larson at 402.499.4444.
Happy Birthday, Rotarians!
January 2020
Dennis Hoffman 02   Kate Holman 06
Maury Halstead 07   Phil Mullin 07
Angela Boule 09   Doc Chaves  09
Arlen Beam  14   Allen Beermann 14
Craig Strong 15   Frosty Critchfield 22
Tony Messineo 24   Brendan Wamstad-Evans 30
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