Presiding Officer: Randy Bretz
Secretary: Christina Usher
Finemaster: Kiersten Hill
Sgt. At Arms: Maury Halstead
Cashiers: Cindi Allen & Frosty Critchfield 
Greeters: Penny Johnston & Steve Miller
Speaker Host: Randy Bretz
Speaker: Don Cox
Don Cox
There’s an electric vehicle in your future, yes there is. Our program on May 14 will feature Dr. Don Cox, an electric vehicle enthusiast and owner of several electric vehicles himself. Cox retired from a career in mobile communications research and development and returned to Nebraska and makes Lincoln his home. Transportation accounts for nearly one-third of American energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and three-quarters of American oil consumption with crucial impacts on climate, air pollution, resource depletion, and national security, said Cox, who advocates battery electric vehicles as a viable way to help address those challenges. No doubt he’ll drive one of his Tesla automobiles to the meeting. Perhaps after the meeting, he’ll proudly show it off.