Presiding Officer: Randy Bretz
Secretary: Christina Usher
Finemaster: Mark Feit
Sgt. At Arms: Maury Halstead
Cashiers: Regina Werum & Kris Rutford
Greeters: Diane Temme Stinton & Sara Skretta
Speaker: Miki Esposito
Yes, we’re all aware of the potholes in our streets. And, yes, we all have snowy and icy street stories to share. But, the issue with the streets in Lincoln is far more involved than the winter we’re all anxious to see in the rearview mirror. Our program on March 12 will feature Miki Esposito, Lincoln’s Director of Transportation and Utilities. She will share the outline and details of a proposed six-year plan to repair and reconstruct many of our streets. Invite your friends to join us for this informative program that will consider the findings of a Citizen Coalition and the proposed sales tax collection to help address current and future infrastructure needs. Check out this report for the details.