Presiding Officer: Randy Bretz
Secretary: Christina Usher
Finemaster: Mark Feit
Sgt. At Arms: Maury Halstead
Cashiers: Eric Drumheller
Greeter: Matt Glawatz & Sara Skretta
Speaker: Scott Benson
Scott Benson

Electricity. We take it for granted, don’t think about how it’s generated, it’s just always there when we turn something on. But, generating electricity for Lincoln is changing, and the man behind much of that change will tell us about it during our program on June 4. Scott Benson is Manager of Resource and Transmission Planning for Lincoln Electric. This graduate of the University of Nebraska will help us understand how we’re getting more power from the sun and wind. We’ll learn about the LES solar initiative, about those windmills just north of town, about just how much LES is doing to reduce our reliance on generating electricity by burning coal.