Aug 06, 2019
Dr. Stuart Stofferahn
Past, Present and Future of Nebraska Transition Collge

Present and Future of Nebraska Transition Collge.

The mission of Nebraska Transition College is to empower individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other learning difference to live independently through employment, post-secondary educational opportunities and community support systems. NTC is a newly created program that started in Lincoln and has now expanded to Omaha. Founded by Dr. Stuart Stofferahn, the "campus" of NTC is within the communities in which it operates - collaborating with organizations such as Southeast Community College, KZUM Lincoln, Lincoln City Libraries, Lincoln YMCAs, and the Autism Center of Nebraska in Omaha. These vital collaborations provide classroom space for the students, and the curriculum focuses on strengthening social skills, living and work-ready skills to prepare them for living independently. BIO - Dr. Stofferahn will join us to talk about the past, present, and future of NTC. He will talk about why the need exists and about the significant economic and social impacts on communities when integration and inclusion are embraced and supported.